Google Ads Management Services

Mastering the Art of Google Ads for Your Business

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, is one of the most powerful advertising platforms available today. With its expansive reach and deep insights, it offers businesses, both big and small, an opportunity to tap into a vast audience pool. However, to harness its full potential, you need expertise, experience, and a deep understanding of its nuances. That’s where our Google Ads Management Services come into play.

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Why Choose Our Google Ads Management Services?

At PPC Company, we bring to the table a combination of technical know-how, market insights, and a passion for delivering results.

  1. Certified Google Ads Specialists: Our team comprises professionals certified by Google, ensuring your campaigns are in expert hands.
  2. Customised Strategy Development: We understand that every business is unique. Our strategies are tailor-made to align with your goals, ensuring maximum ROI.
  3. Continuous Monitoring and Optimisation: Our job doesn’t end with setting up your ads. We continually monitor and tweak campaigns for optimal performance.
  4. Transparent Reporting: Stay in the loop with regular, comprehensive reports that break down your campaign’s performance, ensuring clarity and transparency.

Our Google Ads Management Spectrum

Search Ads: Appear at the very top of Google search results. We ensure your ads capture high-intent users, driving relevant traffic and conversions.

Display Ads: Boost brand visibility across the web. Our team crafts compelling visuals and ad copies for the vast Google Display Network.

Shopping Ads: Perfect for e-commerce businesses. Showcase your products directly in search results, driving sales and revenue.

Video Ads: Leverage the power of YouTube and other video platforms. From ad creation to placement, we’ve got you covered.

App Promotion Ads: Drive app downloads and engagements. Reach potential users across Google’s vast network, from Search to Play Store.

Beyond Campaign Creation: Our Holistic Google Ads Services

  1. Keyword Research: We delve deep to identify the most profitable keywords, ensuring you capture relevant and high-converting traffic.
  2. Ad Creation and Split Testing: Crafting compelling ad copies complemented by attractive visuals, and testing variants to identify the best performers.
  3. Landing Page Optimisation: A cohesive user journey is crucial. We ensure your landing pages are aligned with your ads, boosting conversion rates.
  4. Bid Management: Get the best out of your budget. Our experts fine-tune bids to ensure optimal ad placement without overshooting your budget.
  5. Retargeting Campaigns: Recapture potential customers who’ve shown interest in your offerings. Our retargeting strategies ensure you stay top of mind.

The Google Ads Advantage with PPC Company

With billions of searches happening daily, Google is a goldmine of potential customers. Our Google Ads Management Services ensure:

  • You’re visible when potential customers are actively searching for your products or services.
  • You tap into new markets and demographics.
  • You achieve a competitive edge in the digital marketplace.

Let’s Embark on a Journey to Digital Success

Ready to catapult your business to new heights? With our Google Ads Management Services, witness unparalleled growth and solidify your online presence. Reach out today, and let’s set the wheels in motion for a brighter digital future.

Google Ads Campaign Setup

Whether you have an existing Google Ads account, or require creation from the start – we will undertake our thorough process to ensure you have the optimal account structure in place to perform.

Keyword Research and Planning

Ad Account Settings

Smart Bidding Considerations

End-To-End Creation of Campaigns & Ad-Groups

Ad Creation

We will write high-quality ads for your Google Ads campaigns that are designed to convert. We will consider your brand tone of voice alongside our experience in ad creation.

Multiple Ads Per Campaign

Ad Testing Plan & Matrix

Review of Quality Scores & Improvement Plan

Ensure Use of Latest Ad Copy Types

Optimisation and Management

Whilst the setup and structure is arguably the most important to build solid foundations, the process of optimisation should not be overlooked. In order to maximise the profitability of your Google Ads campaigns, data analysis, testing and optimisation needs to take place.

Regular Account Monitoring

Regular Optimisations & Changes

Monthly Reporting

Regular Communication

Conversion Tracking

We are here to generate you results through Google Ads Management, therefore, ensuring we can track all conversion points is critical to the process.

Review of Website Conversion Points

Review of Existing Analytics & Goal Setup

Creation / Management of Goals & Tracking

Account Optimisation Based on Goal Data



£500 / month

Up To 10,000 Keywords

Account Structure & Build

Keyword Research & Management

Ad Copy Optimisation

Regular Communication

Monthly Report

most popular


£1,000 / month

Up To 20,000 Keywords

Account Structure & Build

Keyword Research & Management

Ad Copy Optimisation

Regular Communication

Monthly Report

Zero Setup Fees, Zero Contract


£2,500 / month

Up To 50,000 Keywords

Account Structure & Build

Keyword Research & Management

Ad Copy Optimisation

Regular Communication

Monthly Report