Pay On Results PPC Management

Pay On Results or Equity – The UK’s Only Performance-Based PPC Company

Are you looking for a partner to support with your new startup, or looking to grow your brand with an agency that have ‘skin in the game’? PPC Company does offer an ‘Equity Based’ or ‘Pay On Results’ PPC Management service for exclusive clients.

For any business with the ambition to scale, Google Ads is the go-to channel to attract high-intent users. Getting your website, products and services at the top of Google in front of your perfect customer can open the door to additional revenue within a matter of hours and days.

Ensuring that you have an optimised Google Ad Campaign is the most important stage – and this is made up of an effective campaign structure, regular testing, optimal keyword bids and well-crafted ad copy. We provide an end-to-service and manage all of this for you.

image of our google ads management services

What is Pay On Results PPC / Equity-Based Management?

This model allows clients to pay only on mutually agreed metrics, or equity in return for our resource and commitment. Based on the application process, and conversations this would be chosen by PPC Company.

Performance and Equity-Based relationships can only be done on a limited basis, but we’re always open to it for the right opportunity. It’s our way of showing that we’re truly results-driven! The up-side for both parties can be huge.

How Can I Apply?

In order to apply for our Pay On Results PPC and Equity-Based PPC Management model, please complete the application form below. We would encourage as much detail as possible to maximise your chance of being selected.

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